This is our common background:

  • Years of work experience as freelance or in-house translators and project managers.

  • University degrees in linguistics and the humanities.

  • Through our work experience abroad, we know the culture and customs of various countries. This allows us to deliver exact and "adapted" translations.

  • Additionally, for years we've been working together in various networks.

Why is all that important?

Especially when translating literature, general texts or business correspondence you must pay attention to the following:
Even small differences in mentality call for careful linguistic consideration. Identifying and coping with such characteristics requires a good knowledge of the country through in situ experience. It is crucial to have not only a good command of the foreign language but also of one's own mother tongue.
Key skills for translating specialised texts are expertise in the specific area, knowledge of the terminology and a command of stylistic features. It's also important to know the target group of the translated text: Is it meant for experts or non-experts?
We not only complement one another but also share similar fields. Accordingly, we work well in a team to cope with larger orders. For larger volumes or texts including your work bench entries we use translation tools such as Trados or WordFast.

Our clients include renowned IT-companies, editors and lawyers.